Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Kings Castles

Dream Knights: Man in white hat, Farmer Giants, Quest today.
Castle Sales: Heaven on earth, home to me, in my dreams, home of queen on broad, thoughts of me. Birds and bees, snakes in drns, monkeys in the woods. Lots of 420 trees, lots of cows to eat one day, 420 growers in fields of trees grown, cash in bank to spend, castles for sale. Fairy tales in my head, fairy tales some to day. Tales of other faces, views to see, jokes to some. History recorded is how I see it, good and bad. Hate and love, goats and sheep, food to watch grow, animals one day, food on tables next day. Castles and third  grade  grounds, dogwood trees, dogface butterflies, birds and bees.

Time in the sky, time in the house on the hill, homes to long and sedated, kings alone, dead wives, bones in boxes, knights to fight. Ages over time, in the decades, thirty and fifty five, ages of knights, pros and cons, kings alone, searching for lovers. Answers of birds and bees, toys and young at heart, boys and their steins. Horse and pony shows, frogs and snakes, fairy tales. Searches for true love, songs of the day, good times.

Tom and Jerry, good times, cartoon network, cat and mouse, hits online, time to go. Dates online, special notes of guys of interest, sinners and saints, bumps in the road, jokes and laughter, fun and games, classes on the beach, tails away from home, nappy days  Hi twin, not a day older, still have truck, still chasing dimes. Friends once, back in the day, shame and disgress after dark.

Here is a story, happen some time last year, you were in the middle of some project. Met you in riverside, home depot, in the parking lot. It was nice, you liked my form, brown sugar in the sun. Bet you lost my number, this is the third time you have answered my ad, you keep coming back. You are so young, you and your twin, forgot his name. You 420 grower now? Got place now, in riverside, have a couch to pick up today, lookung on craigskist for a driver with a truck, and you answered my ad. What are the odds?

Met a guy, 6 foot 2, 55 years old, 6 kids, grown and out the house, left wife of 25 years. Cowboy in white hate, cowboy to ride, cowboy in battles of time and spacem notes to share, my state of matters of the heart, window open in my world. Doors open for trips to the moon, practice pony runs, have a truck to move couch, step in the door, let me know.

Have 420 grower in hand, $190 for oz, middle grade, buds loose, have 2 oz on hand $380 for both, want to buy, or know some one that can? Handy man, blow job in the truck you had then, sorry about that, was a thing in my head to play out. Never heard from you after that, so thats where we are. My story to follow about what i think about, you can check it out.

Patty Duke: Updates: moving on, got car back, Frank picked me up yesterday, drove  out to Huntington  beach, and brought  it back. Another on my list to do done. Small miracle for me. Now Frank wants to live here. That's not going to work. Frank lives off the sky, the universe student of hard knocks. Can do better than that, notes to share with you.

Time to dance, time to sing, peace and love, hate and love, cowboy games up at bat. Horse and pony shows, good times for ladies in waiting, friends and foes, bitches in the room. Trips back in time, life in another day, how to get the right knight to save the day.

Frogs and snakes, monkeys and dogs, powers in the letters, powers in the nimbers, jacks and balls. Joy and pleasures, joys and laughter, snakes and frogs, lessons to learn in the fairy tales. Jokes, tips, blogs online, faces in mirror, faces in and out of my head. Happy to say, happy to teach, happy for another day of grace, happy for sinners and saints.

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