Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Castle Knights: Castle Sales: Ship of Fools: Black Trips :

Castle Sales: Ship of Fools: Black Trips : Sheri Jarrot, or Rach Jay, kids will play, Rachel and Charles Jarrot, jackasses in the hills. Once long ago. Cans Short: Ship of fools, master piece of France, picture large and in room along, fools wanted meat, water and life. Odds were gone. Captain Jerk, history notes not shared about name of dick in charge. Kings, slaves, and human cattle, battles on land and see. Big bucks from the dead, Great shot of  natural history, people are meat eaters, animals  first people on this trup. 150 in the ship, day they stared out. Lost  at seam ship crashed, floated  for weeks, they  died and we're eaten for  dinner. Hearts and kidneys, called  sweet meats, right?Castle Knights: Castle Sales: Ship of Fools: Black Trips : 
Animated PhotoMovies  to tell the stormy story, winds to blow, cats with nine lives:  not  sure about that, you can look it up. Picture for  sale, how much is that picture worth. That size, that picture 10 xoxo 10, model size, practice picture just like that one $600 Million American dollars, ball park guess will do.Castle Knights: Castle Sales: Ship of Fools: Black Trips : 

Family gifts, picture the last gift of dead, in Washington State, or California, does  not pay  yet to be sure of location, autumn's no good, starting  bidding,  betting, for  that model of  that picture: $600 million Americans dollars for  Spanish knights  of church. Cat or lick, Jesus Christ, monkey in tree, can say right  words, brain farts. Back later to expand.....Time to wright, sands on time, coins in hand, cards on table, frog poker played, in layers 8f lies tricks to trade.

Good times for chucks, ducks and frogs mama' s boys. 2ND in family tales, mother has third eye open, kids in the dark. Only son, back at moms house, 55 years old, 6 kids from decades of fucks, one wife, with six happy childhood stories. Mothers and kids. Mothers to trade, mothers in heavenm for the young and dead babes.Castle Knights: Castle Sales: Ship of Fools: Black Trips : 

Hanks to pitchers in line, five fingers to each hand, show contact info butt lubed up, catcher for dicks, couple's party, dicks t8 cum, balls in the air. Castle Knights: Castle Sales: Ship of Fools: Black Trips : 
Time in the sky, time in the house on the hill, homes to long and sedated, kings alone, dead wives, bones in boxes, knights to fight. Ages over time, in the decades, thirty and fifty five, ages of knights, pros and cons, kings alone, searching for lovers. Answers of birds and bees, toys and young at heart, boys and their steins. Horse and pony shows, frogs and snakes, fairy tales. Searches for true love, songs of the day, good times.

Tom and Jerry, good times, cartoon network, cat and mouse, hits online, time to go. Dates online, special notes of guys of interest, sinners and saints, bumps in the road, jokes and laughter, fun and games, classes on the beach, tails away from home, nappy days

Fairy tales, my tip from many more, others that kissed frogs also. Monkey tales, birds and bees, in the dogwood trees. Games to play, animals to dodge, seven little men in the woods, freaks out to lie, to cheat, searching  for prey: twin, not a day older, still have truck, still chasing dimes. Friends once, back in the day, shame and disgress after dark.

Notes of another, frogs kissed one day, Daisy, Rachel, or Sima Jarrot, back in the day, friends for a season. Third party views, part of time and space share, right or wrong. Here is a story, happen some time last year, you were in the middle of some project. Met you in riverside, home depot, in the parking lot. It was nice, you liked my form, brown sugar in the sun.

Happy recaps, frog or fish to date. Bet you lost my number, this is the third time you have answered my ad, you keep coming back. You are so young, you and your twin, forgot his name. You 420 grower now? Got place now, in riverside, have a couch to pick up today, lookung on craigskist for a driver with a truck, and you answered my ad. What are the odds?

Online hits and misses, time to sail, dreams on ship of hope. Fairy tales, castles and knights. Good times, last ride, horse and pony shows, happy dazes again. Met a guy, 6 foot 2, 55 years old, 6 kids, grown and out the house, left wife of 25 years. Cowboy in white hate, cowboy to ride, cowboy in battles of time and spacem notes to share, my state of matters of the heart, window open in my world.

Doors open for trips to the moon, practice pony runs, have a truck to move couch, step in the door, let me know. Have 420 grower in hand, $190 for oz, middle grade, buds loose, have 2 oz on hand $380 for both, want to buy, or know some one that can? Handy man, blow job in the truck you had then, sorry about that, was a thing in my head to play out. Never heard from you after that, so thats where we are. My story to follow about what i think about, you can check it out.

Patty Duke: Updates: moving on, got car back, Frank picked me up yesterday, drove  out to Huntington  beach, and brought  it back. Another on my list to do done. Small miracle for me. Now Frank wants to live here. That's not going to work. Frank lives off the sky, the universe student of hard knocks. Can do better than that, notes to share with you.

Tell me what you think, so what you read my emails, can you tell me how you feel instead. Mad of few words, pain you live everyday, battles and wars, on top another day. My giant out in the wars, battles on land to see, sails set to sail away, balls bonding in my head. Pirate king, Peter pan, captain hook, out to steal, out to take, balls of fire in the air, battles won. Giant cowboy, giant good guy in white hat, fighter for rights, fighter for more cash.

Image result for book of shadows: charmed witches

Love and honor, hate and love, peace and love here hanging on the wall, took a picture, life with you. The sun, the moon, peace and love cased in black, castle to share, cranes to fly to good times on water. The busy wall in the house, the signs of love, peace, and understanding. Notes on the wall with you, the life we have, our fairy tale.

 Have more to write at a latter time or two. Peace, love and understanding, me a wonderful woman, your prize, your treat in old age, cum today, cum tomorrow, cum when done at the wars.
Love you today, dreams of loving more, maybe tomorrow, dreams in actions to cum true.

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