Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Five Fingers: Coins In Hand, Card Games

5 Hands: Coins in hand, five fingers to share, five senses to use, movies and dates on the beach. Ship of fun, ships of clowns, doctors in make up. Masks in place, dawn of the dead, coins for  the batmen. Oceans and seas, yatch  in cages, craps in pots. Fires still burning, thanks Billy joel, Jewish  Super star? Boy back home, back in his day, model did not treat him right. Kids are presents, love and hate, hate and tears, love and peace, love and dreams together, songs to sing. For a nickel or a dime, my views to share.

5 cents of tears, five minutes of bumps in the road, five minutes a long time? Rabbits cum in less than five minutes, men in heat, dogs  and hell hounds, animals to see under my skin. Fixes, fish, frog, snake, goat, the top five animals in me. Next colors that rule my worlds. 26 letters to my name, 3 for  month of bird, rat and 84 numbers for my life, started life at the zoo, mistake to land at mercy hospital. My godmother died that year, after my birthday, never met her. Death story, I have right. Day another candle went out, sad day. Not ready to write that death story. Some 8

Other times to reflect,other times to flip the cards, coins in hand, good times. 

Hanks to pitchers in line, five fingers to each hand, show contact info butt lubed up, catcher for dicks, couple's party, dicks to cum, balls in the air. Beaches and pirates giants, yatch tied at peer. Sailers salted, and mature, pater pan all grown up. Party and play, party on a ship of freaks. $$$ BILLS FOR TEN. RAFFERS TO PLAY.

VETERANS HOUSING MATTERS. HOMES FOR THE WINTER, PROJECYS IN PLACE. HOMES NEEDED ON THE BEACH. MIXED MESSAGES, FAIRY TALES. GIANTS GREEN AND BLUE.VETERAN SENIORS IN HOUSE ALONE, TIME TO TURN ON LIGHTS. HANDS OUT TO HELP YOU WIN their WARS. Party for 10 for $300, half for veterans, 420 card hollers, oz by twos, $350 for 2 oz. Be grade, loose buds Wednesdays: Ships of freaks, boat trips, fund ranchers, drazons  to fight, veterans to prey. Home back, back house cum suckers to suck a dick, good tijes, cum suciers to visit: show contact info lay, asses in the air, pitchers in line, dicks to suck, gang bang king- Seven snakes, leader of pack of wolves, veterans to prey. Computers, phones, cash, credit, fingers out to take always, asses in air. Cum shots, cum in mouth, tasteful delights.

Happy dazes again for the 420 connected, and the growers with crops to move, notes to share, have pounds to move today. Could use a little help in that matter, and matters of the heart, and matters of dreams, hopes, and prayers, and help from Peter Pan and friends of yours? Seasons of joy and happiness to share forever. I cum in peace, I leave with joys and pains with the lessons learn, time to turn around and make new plans for dreams to actions...

Cattle Calling in Desert
Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?
Enought for the Charmed
Game Over
Snakes in the Grass

His story, Steven Jarrot: 7605643510 to share often and watch out for snakes....stories, tales, tweets, and the bumps in the road, wanted to share life on the cross with a person that may have a much broader mind that a GED educated persons, not enough to talk about that was acceptable to need information, called nonsense because the history was not there, and common stories were not the same. I like fairy tales, and I write fairy tales, I change the people that I know into animals or pen names, and fact and fiction is create out of the stars that I see at night.

Desert Rats: Indio Fuck Fests..Desert Rats: Indio Fuck Fests: Fuck Friends, Party Times Happy Holidays 2014, family, friends and foes, time to turn the page, time to turn the heat on, it is winter. Steven Jarrot: 7603601613: Party and play today in Ventura, CA. RV Camper. Crook. Cheater. Dream partner for life, yours?Freak for the true colors, male fag hag, the right story to share, hemal of the Jewish flip side of the coin. Lover of self, and lovers of cum to trade for tasteful pleasures, role model of the worst kind, depends....Once a snake, will remain a snake, changes skins nine times a year, nature of the beast.

Views are like noses, and everyone has one, so what be true to yourself, the only person around daily for you, others might not be out for your best interest. Snakes in the grasses, are fake friends that are true to you as long as it fits, in plans to steal more out of the sex trades with Steven Jarrot, and acorns Rocky, Rachelle, Sima, and Jackie Jarrot or something else, another example in the care and loving natural to them as a group. 

Good times, thanks so much, best in all things, songs to sing.
HAIRLESS TURKEY, Rachel Jarrot -BUFFALO DROPOUT, CALIFORNIA COW. GOLDEN COW, HIPPO. ...Rachel Jarrot - Lyon Sacks of Shit:Steven and Rachel Jarrot, dream life for freaks. Time of your life, the best is yet to cum. Hell on earth with hell hounds, faithful bullshitters, games played to blame others. Good guys? Princess Frog: Rachel Jarrot? | In the Woods: Bumps in road, woods full of snakes, monkeys on dogwood trees.

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