Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sinner Wasps

Cans Short:
Man in the sky, mansions for  the decease, English rites, nowhere, movie notes. Nice  touch for joy and peace for dead mother, new story to tell kids. Genes and noses, views and as holes bees are great, wasps as holes of bugs. Bee movie and notes  on bugs. Honey bees went to count, saved their honey, but killed the world Bees for  jokes bees for laughter, kids  show. Jewish  White actors, big names, new yorker dry Genes. More messages hidden, you have to see

Lover to cum, lover  to keep, boys and boy toys, pitchers in line, catcher to suck dicks. Pussy lover, will eat more with Dick inside  of kitties. Cum for dazes, party and play, 2 decades, good looks to self. Hair falling fast, Rachel lost her hair at age 16, $6000 hair caps, wigs to white classes. 

Planes to land on Steven's  Jarrots   forehead, more hairs to fall, mirror, mirror on the wall, Marry a freak, marry a frog, marry a crook, married  cock  suckers, punch lines, faithful and true. $22,00 WED ING PARTY, CHEATERS DATES BLONDE  HAIR BIMBOS, LAST NIGHT SINCE MAN. GOT  DRUGS LOST  HIS WATCH AND $20. NO STEVEN JARROT, 7608512267, HE LOST $22, 000 ON THAT TRIP OF SHAME. STEVEN JARROT LEFT HIS ROOM IN BIRTHDAY SUIT, LOOKING FOR POLICE, TO TELL THEM HE HAD BEEN ROBBUED. KNIGHT OF SHAME, EGG ON HIS FACE, NOTHING TO CARE. FAITHFUL CLASS  ACTS, POKER BULL SHITER. BEST MALE FAG HAG.

Roles to play, shit in bags to trade, dicks up his ass catcher to suck 12 dicks in turn, 300 last night, gang bang kings. Cum to eat, meat in his mouth, shore views at his house, RV parked on side of road, Ventura veterans targets for prey.

Ship of fools, master piece of France, picture large and in room along, fools wanted meat, water and life. Odds were gone. Captain Jerk, history notes not shared about name of dick in charge. Kings, slaves, and human cattles, battles on land and see. Big bucks from the dead, Great shot of  natural history, people are meat eaters, animals  firstm people on this trup. 150 in the ship, day they stared out. Lost  at seam ship crashed, floated  for weeks, they  died and we're eaten for  dinner. Hearts and kidneys, called  sweet meats, rifht?

Movies  to tell the storym not  sure about 4hat, you can look it up. Picture for  sale, how much is that picture worth. That size, that picture 10 xoxo 10, model size, practice picture just like that one $600 Million American dollars, ball park guess will do.

Family gifts, picture the last gift of dead, in Washington State, or California, does  not pay  yet to be sure of location, autumn's no good, starting  bidding,  betting, for  that model of  that picture: $600 million Americans dollars for  Spanish knights  of church. Cat or lick, Jesus Christ, monkey in tree, can say right  words, brain farts. 

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