Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bright Angels, Angels Hosts Time To Spare, goodness and mercy, time on the cross, trips to hell.

Words of lucks, tales of chances...Lovers and haters, snakes and frogs, food tonight, knights changed to frogs, bad dazes as a frog. Tales to eat, snakes and frogs, monkeys in trees, dogwood trees, in the dark. Dinner times for the snakes, frogs, and fools, tricks and trades, circles of live. Notes to the dead, notes to the land whales, notes to float a boat or two, dazes in the sun, dazes and stoned. Dances in the rain, dances in the dark, dances with spiders and snakes, black widow spiders to date. Sept 4, notes of a devil with green eyes, dreams of lovers to cum, dreams of dicks in line, cash to pay, to fuck his face, tricks of a pimp on wheels, real shit. Thoughts of a snakes in the grass, Steven Jarrot,  Full Deck, question in the air, full deck of worms, hard to say, just another poker player, thinks he is the best, in his world, the best is yet to cum, dazes of dicks should be done, older now, 55....7608512267, back in the day, angels to fall first. Circles Of Life, Good And Evil, Dead And Bones.Whitepapers: Roman God of War. Dick Wonders:Dazes Blue: Donkeys in Hills. RVBright Angels, Angels Hosts Time To Spare, goodness and mercy, time on the cross, trips to hell. 

Whitepapers: Roman God of War. Dick Wonders:Dazes Blue: Donkeys in Hills. RV 

Crooks, Cows, Cum Suckers, Land Whales, Tips and Tales.Starr Bright Angels, Angels Hosts Time To Spare, goodness and mercy, time on the cross, trips to hell, garden snakes, dens of frogs, packs of monkeys. To learn life lessons, to practice to perfection, to fail is equal to meaning of: first attempts in learning, to end is also effects never die, and no means next  opportunity, turn page and move on. Practice to perfection to not fail to learn lessons the first time.  The best dazes yet to come, for the time of our lives. Jumps for joy for another day on the right side of the grave. Going forward to better dazes.

Tips and tales, frogs in water, frogs to swim, glory days done, dinner time. Words and tales to share, caps of luck, caps of love, hover dates, worms for frogs, circles to life. Frogs for dinner, good times, angels in air, times to sing, frogs for food, pictures and 1000 of words, tips to share. Monkey year 2016, monkey and frogs, dogwood trees, hand to mouth, frogs to eat. Frogs miles of teeth, in the family tree, dogwood trees for home, snakes in packs, monkeys to dodge, good times, party and play frogs, Dates on the beaches, RV campers, snakes and dicks, wonders to see, frogs to date, funny faces for a frog, funny faces in the mirror, all the time, holiday hits. Summer freaks out to party and play, day jobs, nuts to go, blow jobs, frogs to date, pimps on wheels. Frogs for food, sunny dazes in the woods, frogs to dodge, dinner time, frogs to eat. Jumps for joys, jumps for dinner, frogs to date, frogs to dinner, in the woods, in the wild, good times, circles of love. Cards to flip, cards on the table, hard knocks, schools of frogs. 

Jewish Dreams, dream life for Steven and Sheri Jarrot, lots of dicks to suck, cheap tricks, with suck dick anywhere,  day jobs, nuts to go. Happy dazes in the bed, happy dicks on a boat, dicks in line for the RV pimps. Upland cows, snakes in grass, party and play pals, dates for drugs, sex to cum, open mouths, cheap dates. American Birds.RV campers, 760 8512267-Steven Jarrot, 909 920 0725-number one, crook of computers....Best Buys, done in darkness, still in the dark. Birthday issues, gifts to share. Tales  and it's time for lights on deeds and actions. History recorded, not news, fruits and nuts to go.Rats running rats, movie directors, still rats at the end of day. Gay lifestyle.Songs to sing, sucker with a monkey on back, Sheri and Rachel or rocky Jarrot....Fun and games, party and play tonight?steven jarrot :7605643510:

Stories tell the joys and pains, the bumps in the road, the forks taken for the good times, to tell a tale or two of the girls learning lessons. Gifts of the joys and pleasures of the friends and the family members for the growth and changes, schools to view for the long runs in time and space. Lessons to learn, tales to share of the good times, the best friends, the blessings and the lessons learned the first time, for the choose few.  Plenty of fish in the seas, cages used, dodging the frogs stuck self-serving images in Mirror. Weird equal -wonderful, exciting, interesting, real and different, just like me and posses to locate today.

Mountain Tops: Once long ago, fail to learn, fairy tales, hidden messages to find. True blue in trying, sunny shine instead of rain, love and devotion believer. Luck of the Irish, hard work to practice to win, time and time again, life lessons. Notes on dreams after the climb, with the pits of snakes, pits in bowl of cherries. Thanks and praises, goodness and mercy, angels back to back, birds and bees. Good times, time castled in stone, classes on the beach, hate and love. Gifts to share, historical facts, time to laugh, tricked to death. Trips to hell all done, out of free rides, have cash can pay for better trips, without hell hounds. Freaks out at night, veterans to prey, crooks and robbers.

Red and the wolves, red girls hooded, fairy tales, real shit, joys and pains, going once again, tales to share. Practice to perfection  classic life lessons. Goodness and mercy, angels to see, common friends, mothers maybe, dead and expired, candles out. Angels in hosts, angels to shine, girls in red hoods, lucky days on the edge of light and day. Time to turn around, time to take a stand, all jokes aside. Right and wrong, three lefts will make it right, back to square one. Dream life of land whales, Sheri and Rachellyn1010, Rachel, Charles R. Jarrot, pimped by hell hound, Steven Jarrot, 7608512267 to trade dream life for love and devotion, third party views, actions and deeds done without balls. Balls taken away, gifts for kids play, cum suckers, poker players, pimps and tricks, cattle and sheep, standards set for the low roads.

Animals masks wore all the time, more under skin to flash changes sometimes. Tigers, lions, and bears, on top of food chains. Hunger drives the focus on projects, paperwork, and games or races to win. Daily dances done. Dances done for the rites to passage over life. Animals inside to dances, to fight, and to guide. Rules to greatness, dances to do, songs to sing of dazes passed. Dances do do, for the joys and pains. Happy feet, fires burning, dances for the good times in the sun.Bright Angels, Angels Hosts Time To Spare, goodness and mercy, time on the cross, trips to hell. 

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