Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Horror Shooting

Earth Angel:
Tales of trips to hell, hell hounds, spiders and snales, food to eat with frogs, back on the farms. Gators are great, food on a stick at fairs, nice treat for so many. Jokes in different ways, frogs and monkeys upside down, food on a stick, meat to eat, back in the swamps. My life for a minute or two, lost in time, lost in space. Attacked once after age 18, fat me sic an, Cuban alright. Attacked in the car, more times to forget, one day long ago.

Part of time in military, fat men with glasses part of the nightmares, still in my head, jokes aside. Scared so bad, lost my head once again, time out. Part of the plan, part of the big picture , part of the night. Gifts to share, American  Horror story, mind in other places, other names, other locations  to teach.
Tip of the mountain climbed, girls in red hoods, green dates in the sun. Cash and greens, time to eat, have a frog, maybe a snake on a stick, have more to fry, good to eat. Cowboy games, cowboy trains, save a horse games to play. Gang bang to party, dates on the beach, dated and sedated RV campers, freaks to date. Trips to hell, snakes in a basket, better to burn alive, pots of water. Fires on the beach, fish and frogs, fun to eat, back in the woods and swamps.

Met a guy, 6 foot 2, 55 years old, 6 kids, grown and out the house, left wife of 25 years. Cowboy in white hate, cowboy to ride, cowboy in battles of time and spacem notes to share, my state of matters of the heart, window open in my world. Doors open for trips to the moon, practice pony runs, have a truck to move couch, step in the door, let me know.

Talk to the hand, talker or writer, gifts to note, thanks. Joy and pleasures, joys and laughter, snakes and frogs, lessons to learn in the fairy tales. Jokes, tips, blogs online, faces in mirror, faces in and out of my head. Happy to say, happy to teach, happy for another day of grace, happy for sinners and saints. Want my sister, want my aunt, days are still all red, inside jokes, laughs for another day, tales to spin. Dead of the dead, days of rest, pies in skies, pots of gold, classes on love.

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