Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Steven Jarrot, Dream Dates:7608512267: Freaks.Third place is last place, Lots Of Luck, Dances For Dreams.

Rats running races every day, more hours for dollars at the time, wheels turning, stops to make. Rats and cats cartoon hits, Tom and Jerry Heide, cartoon network. Tom and Jerry Heide, boys next door, fixing houses for the joys and pleasures, saints alive. Wars and battles, veterans and blacks, views and noses, fires to hopes, colors of luck, orange and green, days of dumb luck, tales to come. Hopes and hands, out to help, gods on the fires, angels in the wings. Dates with monkeys, dates on the shores, dates with birds in the fires, to be born, over time. Time for birds to fly out of the heat, birds and songs in the dogwood trees, honey and bees, flowers to open, honey to bee, honey to sugars. Games with flowers, birds and bees, black and yellow, honey bees, dogwood trees, dogface butterflies, dances in the wings.Eggs In Basket, Nuts And Fruit To Go, Lots Of Luck, Dances For Dreams. Trees To 

Nice to know history, thanks so much.Steven Jarrot, Dream Dates:7608512267: Freaks.Third place is last place, Lots Of Luck, Dances For Dreams. Ways to grow, good times, monkeys swingers in the wind, jokes on land to see. Nights alone the way, paths crossed, veterans and black female heroes, nightmares from time serve. Gifts of lives in danger, acts and deeds to note, sad tales of men in attacks. Lives lost, lives given to protect our way of life. Dangers covered on land and seas, American blacks, American Girls and women, fights for rites and reasons. Sex attach hidden, military men on American females, fights in the night, fights for rites, fights of hate and shame. Broken and hurt, jokes today for the land whales. Fingers pointed at rites and reasons, earth angels, military black women, attacks of love and hate. Tips and tales to share.

Records set for the good times on the beach, whales on land for the party and play freaks out at night. Happy with the lifestyle, happy with the grass growing under their feet, same story, different year. Crooks, Robbers, Cheaters grandmothers Sima and Rachel Jarrot, 88, and 92, years old family members.Charles R. Jarrot L.a. Inc. Only the vain, and only the simple, have views that everyone likes them, in real world you are not able to please everyone. Frog Dates: Fruit Nut, Toss Salads Done.THE WAILERS….Balls In The Air, Chicks And Babes, California Dreams, Sands of Time, Earth Angels Once.

Out of the RV camping lifestyle shared with Steven Jarrot, for a moment in time, life with the fights about the hairs loss for the golden calf, his kid Rachel Jarrot. Third place is last place, and no trophies for that placement, keep it for sucker to marry a freak like him. He likes to suck dicks, and it was great not to have to fuck a trick because he was gay, and the meth does that to him. Jokes on the fools and blogs about the snakes in the grass....

Veterans: Thanks For Service, Hands Out To Statements, Skills To Share...Regards and concerns, white and black matters, on the mind, today and most of the time. Songs to sing for the masses, songs to sing and dance the nights away, hope hopping searching for places to land. Gifts to share, acts of kindness to give and take, smiles for the mistakes corrected. Earth angels, girls with red hoods, friends in the woods, giants on land, giant knights. Babes asleep, lost in woods, days to last forever, fairy tales, told. Pages of stories, lots of fun, books to write, pages of lovers, tales online, history also, pages to turns. Lots of laughs, for a knight of the old schools, baby boomers, the rest are too green. 

Mercy and goodness, angels here to correct the mistakes, make the grades to take the next step up the mountains that you choose to climb. What a great day to be alive still, jumps for joys and pains of the good life, happy with the rewards, happy with the pies in the sky and the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows. Joys and pains, dances in the rain, girls with red hoods, tricks and trades, monkeys hanging from dogwood trees. Lights on for the bands to play, the blue birds to sing, glory dazes done.https://rachel104life.wordpress.com/2014/05/11/my-move-back-to-california-as-an-apsiring-producer/Cows,Cattle, And Cattlecalls, Ready for What?
smithuritza.blogspot.com....Alone with dens of snakes, dence, dumb, and dimwits, land whales, and basket cases. Rachel Jarrot, 7608512267, duke to party and play, best with dad: Steven Jarrot, RV campers to party today. Unlike most people trying to get involved in this field, I don’t have any connections – its up to me to make them for myself. This was one of the main factors that contributed to my reasoning for coming back to California – I don’t have any time to waste. I need to get my feet on the ground and try my best to establish myself as soon as I can. My ultimate educational goal is to either attend the Los Angeles Film School or get into UCLA or USC film programs and become a film producer or director. I’m also doing a summer program at UCLA, which focuses on producing and directing of films. As of right now, this is as far as I have planned and I am hoping for the best.

  • Hope helps clean the nightmares, of life in hell with the frogs and gods from the center of the earth. Devils or seven snakes within the tribe members. Last rites of passage on the dark side of the moon, horses racing on the sands of time, water for the rats at the end of the races done daily. Horses to walk after a long run on the shores on the sands of time, racing for the end of the rainbows, and the pots of gold, gifts to share. Words and gifts of the tales and stories of the bumps in the road here. Pulitzer Prize Winner: Breaking News Photography Winner- Tyler Hicks.

  • Hard Colors Sales.....Freak Lover Sexy Toys: Steven Jarrot, 7608512267, role plays, hacker, crook and liar. Masters with slaves, party and play mates. Gus and girls friends, foes, sinners and saints buy sexy toys, for fun and games, after the kids are asleep. Freaks , saints and sinners, fools like Steven Jarrot: 7608512267. Nice fake friends, lies for the truth and honesty with rose color glasses. Mistakes made with the whales on land, mistakes made with the fairies, mistakes made with the frogs and the fools.

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