Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Steven Jarrot Cuck Sucker: Ventura Digs,Games In Lies, Balls In Air. Dates. at 53: Sima Jarrot, La Quinta, CA Age 89 ,

Veterans: Thanks For Service, Hands Out To Statements, Skills To Share...Stories and tips, veterans for prey, in the lands of love and hate, sheep and goats, horns of goats, horns to sound, for the female veterans. Black, Single, Displaced, Confused and Homeless veterans, help and hands out to show the way. Cash on the tables, just need to do the paper wood, stories and tips to write, forms to fill, cash for life on the table for the harm done. Damages, and aches and pains, bumps in the roads, timed served for the red, white, and blue.

Tuskeegge Experiment-families

Black Magic Woman, or the fish that got away, hell on earth with the devils in the faces of these fools, frogs and reptiles. Third party views, check to cracks in mirror to note. I took the time to note the changes after his birthday, Sept 4, 2014-searching for changes, searching for a fresh look on life, forgiven for the tales, tips, and tweets about views of life in hell the dream life lost forever with a man that can call love and devotion for the piece he wrote, and the lies that he created to make his self feel good, look at the way his fingers point at others for deeds and actions, that his behavior shows that love for him is having sex with Rachel or dreams of licking his dream girl that he created with the hairdresser. Steven Jarrot Cuck Sucker: Ventura Digs, Dicks To Suck, Games In Lies, Balls In Air. Brighter Dazes 2014 -

"Party Like A Rock, Stars And Jewish Wales, Jewish People Better?Rachel Jarrot?"Good times, fun and games, wigs and caps worn to hide horns, love and hate horns on one goat, kids to play. Daddy's Lover, cows and cattle runs, snakes in house, coins to flip, faces and donkey rides, sluts Sima and Steven Jarrot. Lovers to cum, 333 smith, uritza smith, dyke to dance, movies made of all the sex games, dicks and pussies , to play and party.Cash or credit cards, gas or asses to fuck? Love and Luck, Cons And Pros: Dream Life, On The Edge Of Life, Glory Dazes Done, 
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Facts she was taught how to play with herself, and Sheri liked to share stories about that, and the girls that were fucked by Rachel Jarrot at her mothers house, alone with all the hair that she lost still on the floors, and around the sink, and daddy views are what a clean bathroom Rachel keeps. Views on and about Rachel Jarrot  being great and wonderful is not shared by others, only by members of that family, but their views are the only ones that matter in this herd of fools, liars, thieves, and devil dogs with a snake charmer looks to trick and trade for the things you have with a dollar value. Steven Jarrot Cuck Sucker: Ventura Digs,Games In Lies, Balls In Air. Dates. at 53: Sima Jarrot, La Quinta, CA Age 89 ,

Steven Jarrot, faces in the night, tales of lovers, hats and hair, wigs and caps, Rach Jay, faces of kids, one or two, Rachel Jarrot, cum for the cash. Steven Jarrot Cuck Sucker: Ventura Digs,Games In Lies, Balls In Air. Dates. at 53: Sima Jarrot, La Quinta, CA Age 89 ,Tricks and trades, wigs to be had, hats and caps, hairs of the matters, gifts and treats, taken for granted. Books and tips, tales of Steven Jarrot, kids of hairs, wigs and caps, Rachel Jarrot, faces to snakes. Tales of lovers, stories of haters, coins and cards to flip....and son, snakes to prey, veterans, cash or credit, junk to sell, every day. 

Brothers unknown until the time of death, unknown until after the deaths of the father and the brother, and that was about love and devotion twisted. Happy and delighted for the little miracles given daily.
Pies in the sky, in the land of the blind, gifts with the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows? Where is Peter Pan, where are the others that live in never  land, to party for the night lights to shine? Rain today, rain go away, or rain to learn how to dance in the rain? Steven Jarrot Cuck Sucker: Ventura Digs,Games In Lies, Balls In Air. Dates. at 53: Sima Jarrot, La Quinta, CA Age 89 ,Happy for the rain, happy for the sun to shine, happy for the good times, happy for the lessons learned. Gifts of tales, gifts of words in stories, of the good, bad and ugly times on the road to greatness. Happy for the next day, happy for the present moments of sunshine, happy for the joys and the pains of the life given to make great again.

Cheers, Holiday Hits And Misses, Veterans To Thank.

Charles R. Jarrot, thief, cheater, liar, faux friend to the elders and crimes against grandparents never report, got away. Steven Jarrot Cuck Sucker: Ventura Digs,Games In Lies, Balls In Air. Dates. at 53: Sima Jarrot, La Quinta, CA Age 89 ,School of hard knocks, steal $160,000 from you dad at age 14, new start from the ashes of the pains of dear gay, fat daddy, head in somebody's ass for two years. Happy birthday, daddy, no life with cash. Paid for hookers, poker games, and entre in to school on hard knocks on daddy cash. Great gay guy to share good times with.

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