Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides: Dream Lives.

Have a funny story that I wanted to share about Cali Cow. Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😍😩😍... Dance Goals:I'm not perfect.are better know as Jewish Star or Jewish Rock Star, or just Rocky or Rachel Jarrot, and or Sheri Jarrot could be a family member. Buffalo Fly: Pigs and hogs, angels in the sky, large land whales, free rides: Dream Lives.

One Nut To Stand, Dogwood Trees, Monkey Rites 2016.....Dream Life, Once Right, Freddy Allen......Pieces of a Dream - Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams, Wings Broken 2 Broken Harts, Roses Red Notes, Flowers Tips Black and white matters, happy dazes again, tips to share, glory days done. Turns and bumps in the road, paths taken for the lessons on the way, classes on love and hate, classes on the beaches, classes on the sands of time. Happy Birthday, every day, happy birthdays also, friends and frogs with hearts, new lovers and dates on the sands of time.
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Could also be the Sheri of Uplands now, the fag hag, is what Steven Jay Jarrot, likes to throw in her face after the common name calling he is known for, is exhausted, and then what can be seen as true moments in time, when truth and honest feelings come to the surface. Blue eyes, blue and black pictures on skin, lights to shine, good times, fun and games, masks to wear, lovers and haters, skin deep. Hands to hold, hands to lead, hands in the air, good times, tips and tales, games to play.

Dream Lives. Tricks And Trades. Pimps in trainer, pitchers lined up, cum to party, dicks to suck:Steven and Sima Jarrot, 7608512267: tricks in the RV, trades for shit, trades for cash, tricks for loose change. Date a land whale, date a snake in grass, date a mad dog or two. Dicks and dogs, bitches in heat, pimp on corner, leader of pack of wolves, hell hounds to race, fags out of the gate. Rats, horses, sheep, goats, frogs, and land whales, done to death, love and hate, songs to sing, good times. Angels to spare, goodness and mercy, angels to watch, joy and peace, wings to fly. Peace and love, hate and love, up in the sky, down in the pits of hell, songs to sing, great day to be alive.
It is hard to listen to the know white lies that are acceptable to him, and the others in the family that can spare the time, to listen to his stories about his house is in escrow, and has been for at least eight years if not longer. Word on that, Rocky or Rachel Jarrot, depending on which one you want to believe we are referring to, is in the next playing field for cows to get higher education, where the buffalo roam, focus for school.

Pixies, Fairies, Earth Angels, Notes On High Times. Lovers And Haters, Hats To Horns, Horns To Halos. Shooting Curves Ball Games, Pitchers Writers.Courtney B. Vance wins outstanding lead actor in limited series/movie for #ThePeoplevOJSimpson:@ACSFX...The Horns To Blast, Black And White, Lovers, And Haters, Tricks And Trades. Frogs And Dicks.People OJ Simpson:

Pure as the snakes in the grass, and the drug dealer daddy, homeless in a RV in Upland, Ventura, and or Palm Springs, it is a frog tale to share, and nothing like the Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino the Jew in the red hat, he knew his place in the 1600. Ask Rachel Jarrot, she has a $6000 wig from Beverly Hills that black magic woman paid for, and she is now a buffalo from cali at a school to become a bigger cow.

Dicks and dawgs, butches and dykes, Rach Jay, and Rachel Gaylnn Jarrot, cows to call, nuts on the run, girl for girl sex tag team. Cows, and cattle callers, fags and hags: has a snake in the grass for a sire, and a Uplands Fag Hag for a mother that is too fat to be married. Sheri Gerstein Jarrot is a 60 year old rejected from the Prince Frog, or Steven Jay Jarrot, and he likes it in mouth and backside for fun and games with clouds in sky or just tina.

Steven Jarrot, glory hole open wide, dicks, dogs, and fists up his ass, dicks to suck, blow jobs to do, day job for a clown or a fool. Cheap tricks, suckers to date, cows to call, tricks to trade sex, is the games that are played. Cash for ass, donkeys and sluts for free rides, dances for time and attention, goats to love, horns to sound, love and hate, lots of luck, with that.

Games to play, fingers in the air, blame who for the cries in the night. Pigs and hogs, donkeys and cows, to fly, for free, in a world of Jewish Wales: movie made: and he is looking for a dream woman that comes with penis or two. Just for the record. Call and check the phone number is at Jewish Army 2005, and what a story it is about truth and honest in raw form the way of the Jarrots.

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