Saturday, December 31, 2016

Love, Lights, Lessons, Luck, Tests Over Time, Classes Daily Events.

Flags Out, Blue Star Steel, Ships Of Dreams, Lights On, Peaces Of Drama. Deeds and action of the sinners and the saints. Girls In Red Hoods, Good Tales: Lucky In Life. Dames, unfuckwithable:

Blame who: Fags to flags, Jewish Rites, Hats and horns, sheep and goat, songs to sing, blame others, fingers to points. Joys and pains, bumps in the road, sheep and wolves, snakes in dens, hopes to burn, dances on the sands of time, lovers and haters, sinners and saints..Family Affairs, Donkeys in the fields,Snakes and Worms. Glory Dazes Done. Once on the beach. Just one case that tells the stories of the bumps in the road, and the blame game that is being played with the fruits and nuts, that party and play every day for the dicks to suck and the pussy to lick, taking turns for the oral talents of a freak, and a jackass or two, gifts to share for the tasteful delights of the fools .

Steven Jarrot. 7608512267, Rachel, Sheri, Charles R. Jarrot 7607778998-the drunk drive how many times now?Love, Lights, Lessons, Luck, Tests Over Time, Classes Daily Events. 7603601613, truthful and honest bend cattle, bison and whales on land, at the beach in Ventura, RV campers for the tricks and the trades, dream life for who? ...good times to share for the long runs on the sands of time..

Sheri Gerstein Jarrot - Snakes In Grass, Dicks Out Of Box, Fags Donkeys in Hills: Sheri Gerstein Jarrot: Hairdress, Big Mouth, Freaks, Crooks, Liars, Frogs And Fish Treats. Thugs Dated: Life in the shadows, ...Twisted, Bend, Words Of Wiz, Hares In Woods: Sheri Gerstein Jarrot ... - Sheri Gerstein Jarrot snopes: RACHEL JARROT-HAS ALL HER HAIR: Child Rapist, to date. Retards and basket cases.. ...

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