Saturday, December 17, 2016


DON’T BE THAT PERSON STANDING AT THE SHORELINE WATCHING AS THE LAST SHIP “SALES” AWAY. THE TIME TO GET ON BOARD IS NOW. Is it really 2016 already?  For those of you who happen to be planning on buying a home in the new year—or even just trying to—there’s a whole lot to celebrate. Why?

Dicks, Dawgs, Husky Owls, Cocks, Men....DON’T BE THAT PERSON STANDING AT THE SHORELINE: Ship Of Dreams To Sell. : Balls Online.Pros, Coins, Cards To Flip. RV camping of course, dream life for a few, life in hell for others, something to share, for how long can this last. RV Camping, on the down low, a white gay guy with a good heart. Likes his image of a dream lover, and oral specialist and the best cock sucker in California?Dicks, Dawgs, Husky Owls, Cocks, Men: Balls Online.Pros, Coins.

 Cards To Flip. DON’T BE THAT PERSON STANDING AT THE SHORELINE: Ship Of Dreams To Sell.  not sure about official titles given or received. Best of luck in prayers, wishes, hopes, and desires, today and... more » Hairs To You, Hats and Caps, Wigs Off, Pimps and Dyke, Porn Slut, Daddy Dicks: Steven and Charlie Jarrot: 7608512267, Dates? Rachel Jarrot, Rach Jay, Rachel Wigsout, Rachel with wigs on, trip..KKK is nothing compared to Steven Jay Jarrot, was born an American Toad.

Whatever....Bitch Hacker, Low Life Spooks, Snakes, Niggers 2: Steven Jarrot 7608512267 .DON’T BE THAT PERSON STANDING AT THE SHORELINE: Ship Of Dreams To Sell. Tin Men Turns: Where are the others, the lion, the tiger and the bear? Where are the lion, the scarecrow, the dog, and the girl? Walks on the yellow brick road, watch out for the bumps in the road, watch out for the holes and the potholes on the road. Happy and delighted for another day above ground, happy and full of joy and peace for a new start, in a better place. Gifts of words to share daily, of the acts of kindness, the hand out to help the lose, the confused, and the displaced homeless veterans.

Nightmares to deal with the fake friends that leave you to swing in the wind, happy to save their own skin, happy to keep heads in the sand. Gifts and talents runs to good looks, lack of brains, with lots of tickets for trains, and free plane rides. Hell hounds here on earth, gifts from the center of the earth, gifts from the fake friends, lies for the truth and honesty with rose color glasses. Mistakes made with the whales on land, mistakes made with the fairies, mistakes made with the frogs and the fools.

Lessons learned the first time, gifts and rewards given for the corrections to the mistakes made to make you stronger, gifts to share of the joys and the pains of the bumps in the roads, and the classes in play still. Love and hate, horns on a goat, for the 9th or the 10th century, with the "Vikings", a movie. I liked it a lot, and have only great things to say about the brothers with another mother, and the falls on the left sides of the graves. Brothers unknown until the time of death, unknown until after the deaths of the father and the brother, and that was about love and devotion twisted. Happy and delighted for the little miracles given daily.

Pies in the sky, in the land of the blind, gifts with the pots of gold at the end of the rainbows? Where is Peter Pan, where are the others that live in never  land, to party for the night lights to shine? Rain today, rain go away, or rain to learn how to dance in the rain? Happy for the rain, happy for the sun to shine, happy for the good times, happy for the lessons learned. Gifts of tales, gifts of words in stories, of the good, bad and ugly times on the road to greatness. Happy for the next day, happy for the present moments of sunshine, happy for the joys and the pains of the life given to make great again.DON’T BE THAT PERSON STANDING AT THE SHORELINE: Ship Of Dreams To Sell. 

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