Friday, November 11, 2016

Dreams Of Normal Lives, Tales Without Arms, Feet To Rites, Sunny Dazes.Joys And Pains Daily.

Veterans White, Veterans Blue, Good Luck, Joys And Pains, Lena Horne - Stormy Weather/If You Believe....Classes on love and hate, goat horns, lessons learned, bumps and pits on paths taken. Back In The Day, Scared Out Of Mind, Manny Moore, Chuck Moore Now, glory days done. notes created, happydazesagain, good times. Snakes in grass, tales in air, snakes in dens, into the woods, bumps in road. Song Writers,Happy Dazes Again, Jumps For Joy Jets, Johnny Depp, Paul And Peter, Kids Of Mary Moore. Movies Made. Love And Lights Stars Shine.Dickens Worlds :Review of Dicks?Every day earth angels gather the prayers desires.Birds And Bees, Bats Out Of Hell, Goodnight Notes, Hits And Misses, Movies Made. Love And Lights Stars Shine.

Birds and bees, fish and frogs, snakes and slugs that live in the sands, dicks and dawgs, knights and kings, faces of lovers, fuckers of mothers 2 date. Jewish Wales: Giants Sales: Dates. Songs to sing, glory dazes done, snakes, freaks and frogs, dates in the past, nuts on the run.over here. Anthony Moore one year ago today you walked in my life and I knew it was going to be special. And was i right. The McGhee Sextuplets Recreate. Lena Horne - Stormy Weather/If You Believe

Forevermore. Rev.3: 11 Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy * crown.   12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

Dreams Of Normal Lives, Tales Without Arms, Feet To Rites, Sunny Dazes.Joys And Pains Daily. Great song, lots of water wasted, tears to stormy weather, it is what you believe. Love the trip back in time. Lena Horne - Stormy Weather/If You Believe. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy Veterans Day, 2016. Red for the flags, red for the bulls, ladies in red, games to play, stories to tell, head or tales.....Coins to flip, cards to turn, hands out to take, stories to tell. Hopes and wishes to share, gifts of lights and darkness, snakes and frogs, life in a circle. Circles to live, circles to draw, circles of lovers, circles of haters, around the worlds.
Lena Horne - Stormy Weather/If You Believe. 

Marines Guns Load, Guns To Fight, American Birds. Petty On Five Counts, Steven J. Jarrot...WAKE UP SLAVES. Petty Crooks, Petty Snakes.Rachel And Jay Jarrot. One Nut To Stand, Dogwood Trees, Monkey Rites 2016. Dream Life, Once Right, Freddy Allen......Pieces of a Dream - Broken Hearts, Broken Dreams, Wings Broken 2...Broken Harts, Roses Red Notes, Flowers Tips....Lena Horne - Stormy Weather/If You Believe


Lots of good cheers, birthday notes .... Songs to sing, birds and bees in the dogwood trees, free rides for monkeys on top. Ways to grow, ways to expand, pages of lives online, history to make, tales to be told. Lots of luck, lovers and haters, birds to sing, dances in the fields and valleys, donkeys in packs, tales to be told. Love and luck, good and bad, donkeys in packs, freaks and frogs, dances for luck. Games with lovers, pictures with stories, lots of arms to spare, feet to do the tricks like hands. Lots of love, lots of luck, lots of lessons to learn, classes on the sands of time.
Cows and cattle, snakes in the grass, dicks out of the box, let's make out, blogs and post, thanks to the bitch Steven Jarrot, bitch again in a blog, in a account that he hacked, lovers for life, snakes in grass for life. Tales of others, haters and fags, dicks and dogs, pimp on wheels, fags hats to wear. Glory holes open, dicks in line, pimp on call, 7608512267, Steven not Adam, cum on his face, lots of tasteful delights. Lots of lovers to cum.....

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