Thursday, November 10, 2016

Devils or seven snakes within the tribe members. Last rites of passage on the dark side of the moon, horses racing on the sands of time, water for the rats at the end of the races done daily. Horses to walk after a long run on the shores on the sands of time, racing for the end of the rainbows, and the pots of gold, gifts to share. Words and gifts of the tales and stories of the bumps in the road here. Tales online, history created, books to review, blogs updates, love and hate, goats and sheep. Big red and white hearts, cakes to eat, thanks.School of Hard Knocks... Back o the beach, RV campers, Upland hoes, tricks and dogs, bitches in heat, fun and games daily events, daddy views, dicks in line, cum to pimps. Song and dances cows to roam, homes in hills, donkeys for packs, snakes and frogs, tales to spare. Snakes in Grass: Dicks and Dawgs: Fags Out Of Box:..Tales told, good times, bumps in the roads. Monkeys and snakes, tales told, bumps and potholes, dates on the beach.

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