Monday, October 10, 2016

Birds And Bees, Flocks Of Powers,Wings In Groups, Sunny And Bright, Beach Drives.

Earth Angel: Tip of the mountain climbed, girls in red hoods, green dates in the sun. Cash and greens, time to eat, have a frog, maybe a snake on a stick, have more to fry, good to eat. Cowboy games, cowboy trains, save a horse games to play. Gang bang to party, dates on the beach, dated and sedated RV campers, freaks to date. Trips to hell, snakes in a basket, better to burn alive, pots of water. Fires on the beach, fish and frogs, fun to eat, back in the woods and swamps.Talk to the hand, talker or writer, gifts to note, thanks. Patty Duke: Updates:
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