Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turkeys Bald, American Birds, Sit And Spin

Wigs, Baseball Caps, Bald Turkeys, Crows and dirty birds, monkey  shows, rats and tigers, star signs, stars to shine. Good times, happy notes tales online to share.  Fairy tales, my tip from many more, others that kissed frogs also. Monkey tales, birds and bees, in the dogwood trees. Games to play, animals to dodge, seven little men in the woods, freaks out to lie, to cheat, searching  for prey: twin, not a day older, still have truck, still chasing dimes. Friends once, back in the day, shame and disgress after dark.

Notes of another, frogs kissed one day, Daisy, Rachel, or Sima Jarrot, back in the day, friends for a season. Third party views, part of time and space share, right or wrong. Here is a story, happen some time last year, you were in the middle of some project. Met you in riverside, home depot, in the parking lot. It was nice, you liked my form, brown sugar in the sun. Happy recaps, frog or fish to date. Bet you lost my number, this is the third time you have answered my ad, you keep coming back. You are so young, you and your twin, forgot his name. You 420 grower now? Got place now, in riverside, have a couch to pick up today, lookung on craigskist for a driver with a truck, and you answered my ad. What are the odds?

Black Magic Woman, or the fish that got away, hell on earth with the devils in the faces of these fools, frogs and reptiles. Third party views, check to cracks in mirror to note. I took the time to note the changes after his birthday, Sept 4, 2014-searching for changes, searching for a fresh look on life, forgiven for the tales, tips, and tweets about views of life in hell the dream life lost forever with a man that can call love and devotion for the piece he wrote, and the lies that he created to make his self feel good, look at the way his fingers point at others for deeds and actions, that his behavior shows that love for him is having sex with Rachel or dreams of licking his dream girl that he created with the hairdresser.

Facts she was taught how to play with herself, and Sheri liked to share stories about that, and the girls that were fucked by Rachel Jarrot at her mothers house, alone with all the hair that she lost still on the floors, and around the sink, and daddy views are what a clean bathroom Rachel keeps. Views on and about Rachel Jarrot  being great and wonderful is not shared by others, only by members of that family, but their views are the only ones that matter in this herd of fools, liars, thieves, and devil dogs with a snake charmer looks to trick and trade for the things you have with a dollar value. Steven Jarrot, faces in the night, tales of lovers, hats and hair, wigs and caps, Rach Jay, faces of kids, one or two, Rachel Jarrot, cum for the cash. Tricks and trades, wigs to be had, hats and caps, hairs of the matters, gifts and treats, taken for granted. Books and tips, tales of Steven Jarrot, kids of hairs, wigs and caps, Rachel Jarrot, faces to snakes. Tales of lovers, stories of haters, coins and cards to flip....and son, snakes to prey, veterans, cash or credit, junk to sell, every day. 

Sister gas to pimp, jackie chan, dogs in cage, poker games. Charles R. Jarrot, frogs to train, crooks and robbers , 7607778998, tree of monkeys to dodge, Rats running races every day, more hours for dollars at the time, wheels turning, stops to make. Rats and cats cartoon hits, Tom and Jerry Heide, cartoon network. Tom and Jerry Heide, boys next door, fixing houses for the joys and pleasures, saints alive. Hands out to lend a hand, friends of the working poor. Happiness given everyday, joys and pleasures to share. LLissa, the disable veteran.

Love or hate, to help or to harm, tricks for the veterans black and female, watch out for the snakes, with the glasses that are colored rose, and covered in mud. Truthful and honest, punch lines, trust me lines the flip side of fuck you in places, jokers to the right. Frogs, snakes, and land whales, jokes to tell, freaks out at night, to party, to play, to rob and to steal, free will. Suckers for easy, suckers for lack of brains, good looks instead of wits and brains, traders for free rides, no brains needed. Lifestyle of a fool, in the form of Steven Jay Jarrot- role model for the people that take the low roads,  I'M CRAVING A WET KITTY TO LICK,SUCK AND KISS, READY - m4w - 46 (Montclair/Upland) age : 53: Steve's ad that he places in Ventura,  Palm Springs, and Los Angeles: 7608512267

Notes to the girlfriend that flies for a life, has a house in Ventura, with 3 dogs and a dick on the outside while working, good girl, forget the lies told about not being a cheater, not in the nature of the beast to change, except as a snake, can change up to 9 times a year. Keep dogs and that charmer snake or dog on the outside, plans in place to do the lying, stealing, robbing, and being the best fake friend to stay until cash or source of cash is over and empty. Lifestyle to dream about RV Camper for over 12 years, or since Rachel Jarrot turned 11 and told her sire to leave and find a wife, or moot?

Flip the coins, flip the cards, and take a walk on the wild side for a day, week, month, year, or a lifetime? Wolves.

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